Other Criminal Charges

Criminal Charges

A few commonly prosecuted crimes not listed under the “Practice Areas” tab are:

Resisting arrest

Misdemeanor charges can be filed against a person who willfully resists, delays, or obstructs a police officer (or other public officer) while the officer is discharging an official duty. Felony charges are also possible in cases involving aggravating circumstances such as where the officer is injured.


The delineation between misdemeanor and felony level vandalism is often the value of damage at issue. Even misdemeanor vandalism charges can result in surprisingly harsh consequences; however, this is not necessarily always the case.


There are various species of forgery enumerated in California law. Recently the passage of Proposition 47 reclassified the punishment for forgery violations by creating a misdemeanor-felony delineation based on the monetary value at issue.


If it can be demonstrated that a person entered a building with the intent to commit a felony or a theft related crime inside the building he or she may face burglary charges (in addition to charges related to the predicate crime). If the entry is into a home or a residential establishment, as opposed to a commercial building, the charges are more serious.

Criminal threats

Certain death threats or threats of great bodily injury can rise to the level of a criminal violation. The specific harm threatened, the method the threat is communicated, and the circumstances surrounding the communication are often important to the defense theory in these cases.


Some mandate jail or a license suspension, for example, and the penalties are not always obvious. For instance, one type of vandalism conviction requires a license suspension for as long as two years even if driving is not involved in the offense.

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