Firearm & Weapons Crimes

Firearms and weapons crimes

Have you been arrested for illegal possession of firearms or weapons?

Beyond certain weapons being illegal, a person may be prohibited from possessing any weapon as a result of a criminal conviction or a restraining order. It is essential to have proper representation to navigate you safely through the complex regulations.

Felony conviction and Firearms

Any prior felony conviction renders the person convicted ineligible to own or possess a firearm or ammunition and any future gun possession can be charged as a felon in possession case.

Misdemeanor conviction and Firearms

Various types of misdemeanor convictions can have the same impact in firearm possession; however, not every misdemeanor conviction impacts a person’s firearm rights. Further, some of the misdemeanors that do restrict firearm rights only do so for a specified period.

Misdemeanor cases involving firearms

For example, misdemeanor cases involving the use of a firearm often require at least a ten year ban, and a Judge can also restrict a person from owning a firearm while on probation even if the restriction is not automatically triggered as a result of the particular conviction.

Domestic Violence cases and Firearms

Most domestic violence related convictions also trigger at least a ten year ban in California and a lifetime ban under federal law. Even if permitted to own and possess a firearm, California and federal law include a complex myriad of regulations that specify which firearms are legal and which are illegal.

Illegal Gun modifications

In some cases, a certain model of a gun can be illegal simply due to modifications or a lack of safety features.

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