Arrest Warrants

arrest warrant

Do you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest?

There are several ways an arrest warrant may be cleared, and some important things to know up front:

Act quickly upon learning of an outstanding warrant; delays can be harmful particularly because it is always better to voluntarily show up in court rather than waiting to be arrested and produced in court once caught.

In cases where a conviction has already occurred, a warrant is often issued if a probation officer or the court believes that the terms of probation have been violated. In cases that have not yet resolved, arrest warrants can be issued as a way to bring the defendant to court for his or her first court hearing (the arraignment) or when a court hearing is missed a warrant will be issued (missing court will likely also trigger other consequences)

The process for clearing a warrant depends on the case. Some warrants can be cleared by an attorney simply contacting the court staff and without requiring the personal attendance of the defendant. In some circumstances, only a Judge can clear a warrant; this is often the case in matters involving probation violations for example.

The time-frame to clear a warrant also varies. Many warrants can be cleared on a weekend or after the court’s regular business hours. Depending on the nature of the case and other factors – such as the amount of time the warrant has been outstanding – a court appearance may be required. The courts throughout San Diego vary in terms of policies for recalling warrants and the time-frame for adding a case onto the court’s calendar. However, our office often can clear a warrant the same day or within a few days of being retained.

Clearing a warrant is almost always the first step; once the warrant is cleared, the underlying issue which caused the warrant to be ordered will need to be addressed.

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